+Align monetizes advice for the
Expert and Moderator at Clubhouse.

Welcome to the
future of work.

Effortlessly turn your site into an advisor marketplace with
built-in white-label teleconferencing and billing.


How are you
your advice?

You’re missing out on key opportunities keeping
your business on clubhouse. Why?

– No way to  convert followers into clients
– No easy way to schedule and bill
– You can’t increase brand equity

Clubhouse Moderators
and Experts

Increase your:
Bandwidth, number of followers, brand equity, and revenue.
+Align is your solution, that puts everything you need on your website so nobody ever has to leave.


In short: You're about to stop losing time and money on Clubhouse, retain customers, and earn while you sleep.

1. Eliminate Zoom

Bring advisory calls over teleconferencing onto your website, so you keep your traffic and scale revenue where it belongs instead leaking your clients to other platforms.

2. Keep it simple to schedule

The process is broken. Having people go from Clubhouse, to Instagram, to Calendly to schedule, then to Zoom to speak, then to a billing software to invoice is a lot to expect of a person. +Align gives your clients a seamless experience, all on your site resulting in fewer customers getting lost in translation.

3. Increase revenue

Advisors get paid for their time to share knowledge, education, skillset, and experience while your website shares in the revenue split. It’s a win-win for everyone. 👍




Connecting people to
to create limitless opportunity.

Every website is teeming with experts and those seeking wisdom.
+Align instantly allows experts to register their profiles on your site,
and both of you to earn revenue through sharing advice.

How it works
1. Customize

Runs in your website, simple installation

+Align turns your site into an advisory marketplace. It runs as a subdomain in your site or app enabling experts on any website and you, the website owner to monetize calls for advice.

2. Experts list their Skills

Directory of experts

Experts create their profiles in your advisory marketplace. They list their skills and set a per-minute price for sharing advice with knowledge seekers.

3. Find an expert, schedule a meeting

Knowledge Delivered

Knowledge seekers can search the marketplace for an expert with the skills that match their needs and schedule a time with them.


4. Video, phone calls or text

The experts and knowledge seekers meet over video, phone call or text on your site, with the time automatically billed per minute.

5. Revenue meets Value

It's a win-win for everyone

Experts monetize their skills from anywhere in the world, while you earn a share of the revenue.

How it works

Video, Calls & Chat

Whitelabeled telecommunication
suite, including video, calls and chat.

Flexible billing

Seamless billing.
Experts can charge per-miunute
or subscription.

No code.

Easy installation.
No complicated coding required.

A.I. matching

A.I. powered coach
to connect the most compatible
expert and offer them advice.


Easy Installation


Billion websites exist


Billion people looking for work


Easy solution


As we saw COVID change the world, so did our view of what the world needs. The world needs new ways to work.

The gig economy and 2020 have shown us that great work
can be accomplished everywhere… from anywhere.
We aim to make it easy and effortless.

% of 43 large companies moving to remote work more permanently (Google, JPM)


People who worked from home during COVID want to continue to do so


One simple solution,
infinite value.

We provide a suite of tools for your website which
will turn on revenue and value for your users and you.

Instant Revenue Stream

Turn your traffic into a teeming revenue-generating marketplace.

Turns on revenue and value for all your users. Experts share advice to earn money, users book calls to gain wisdom and knowledge.

Easy Whitelabeling

Your site. Your traffic. Your branding.

Your site. Your traffic. Your branding.

Data Secure

HIPPA compliant data storage to cater for a wide variety of marketplaces.

Advice is confidence. We ensure your data is stored in the spirit of trust with which it is shared in.

Who is +Align for?

AddAlign is for any website owner
who wants to turn their website traffic into
revenue and value for themselves and their visitors.

Clubhouse Experts

Perfect for Clubhouse moderators that want to partner with fellow coaches and provide a marketplace of advice that monetizes for them both.


One easy install to empower a website of lawyers to create profiles and bill for giving advice to users.

Accounting and Finance

Accountant and finance firms can switch on billable advisory teleconference at the flick of a switch! Personal, yet professional.


Educational institutions can install +Align to empower alums or teachers to coach and lecture remotely, whilst earning revenue.

Get in touch with us to learn more, and switch on your revenue.

Give our demo a whirl and see the future of work, live.

We’ve created a live site for you to see a demonstration of +Align, at LivesAlign.com. Try it for yourself to peek into an integrated, white-label solution where advice turns to value for users, and revenue for site owners and experts.


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