White-Label Video Service: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Company

September 7, 2021
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September 7, 2021 kyle

White-Label Video Service: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Company

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In the retail world, white labeling includes a company taking a product and putting their own brand and logo on the design. The use of a white label is not just limited to physical products in a retail store. If you have a company website, then white-label services and products could provide a lot of benefits for your business.

If you offer video services and connections to consumers, learn how white-label services can leverage your company to create more profits, retain customers, and provide accessible connection options.

Company Branding

One of the key factors of white-label services is the ability to brand your company. Your website will not feature logos and other company names. The whole setup and design are customized to fit within your business branding. Users don’t just connect on your website on a random Zoom call — they use your company’s video conference service.

Choose the color layout and logo placements within the website. You do not need to worry about third-party ads or software updates that impact the way you do business. You could even take the branding further to include unique names. For example, you could name your video conference service with something directly related to your business.

Play around with ideas and choose exactly how you want the user experience to be with white-label services.

Compatibility and App Downloads

A white-label video service has the flexibility to fit within your own website. This means the software and features are streamlined directly into your website. When a customer schedules a video conference, everything is done directly through the website. A person doesn’t need to download extra software or apps just to connect with your company.

When everything is done within a single website, your customers will avoid any hassles or issues with third-party software. With white-label software and features, you also get the direct support when problems do occur. You will learn how to troubleshoot common issues and provide solutions without waiting for another company.

The compatibility of your website can increase customer engagement. When everything goes directly through a single website platform, you do not need to worry about specific devices. Users can visit you from computers, laptops, tablets, and phones as necessary.


When all of the video elements are on your own website, you can help quell privacy concerns that your clients may have. As the popularity of video conferences has grown, many concerns have come up. Encryption, public access, and user information are just a few of the concerns. White-label video services can eliminate a lot of the privacy issues.

Everything remains in your control so you do not have to worry about third parties sharing data, changing agreements, or making updates that do not line up with your company’s vision and policies. The privacy benefits can be used directly when promoting your services and will help you reach customers who may have been otherwise wary of using video chats.

Streamlined Focus

Along with the white-label video conferences, you have the option to streamline other services with white-label products. One option is a scheduling platform. A built-in scheduling feature makes it easy for customers to make appointments and stay organized. You do not need to worry about making phone calls or using separate software to make appointments.

The streamlined design can match the branding and layout of your video service. You will have a cohesive environment that encourages customers to return for future appointments.

For more information on white-label video services and products, contact us at +Align. We will help cater services to your website’s needs and launch a system with seamless features. We offer demo options so you can see how the designs can fit on your website and match your branding.