With the astronomical rise of remote work, +Align is here to provide a well-integrated solution to monetizing work and advice. We can turn any website into a successful advisor marketplace with our smooth and efficient scheduling solutions. Learn more about how our scheduling can maximize your site’s potential.

Don’t Settle for Confusing Calendars

In the past, online scheduling has had several steps, including different websites that popped up and confusing extra steps to join online meetings. These additional steps often confuse, frustrate, and complicate clients’ experiences as they try to navigate your site’s scheduling system.

If your business currently uses an external calendar for scheduling, +Align can revolutionize your whole scheduling process. Take a look at our easy-to-use scheduling solutions.

Pick a Seamless Scheduling Experience with +Align

With +Align, all of those concerns about external sites fall away. Our process is streamlined and simple, working on every type of platform and device, and it’s perfect for users of all ages.

How Does It Work?

  1. First, a user chooses the expert they want to work with from the list of available experts.
  2. Next, they are taken to a page that suggests three days and the times that the professional has available. If there isn’t a time that works for the user, they can ask the expert to propose a new one.
  3. Once both parties have agreed on a time, the +Align platform will send each person an email to confirm the appointment, and then the user will log into the Align+ platform start the call or video meeting.

With our efficient and straightforward process, you can help simplify scheduling and maximize the potential of your online platform.

Choose +Align Today

Our comprehensive, integrated advisory marketplace package contains more than just scheduling solutions. Our software combines the best features of online scheduling programs, video conferencing solutions, and online financial payment services into one complete package.

Learn more about how +Align can help your advisor marketplace grow. Contact us today.